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The park planning Construction began in the first half of next year

Date: 2015-10-18

In 2019, Beijing will be held the world horticultural exposition in yanqing. Yesterday, the Beijing world park bureau news, the park park planning has been completed, enter the approval process, in the first half of next year is expected to start construction.
Beijing China world horticultural exposition 2019 is approved by the international association of horticultural producers, the international exhibition bureau for approval, hosted by the Chinese government, the Beijing municipal government to undertake the highest level of professionalism of exposition, in 2019 on April 29 solstice held on October 7, session for 162 days. Expect official exhibitors, including national and international organizations, no less than 100, other domestic provinces and enterprises both at home and abroad exhibition not less than 100, visitors at home and abroad are not less than 16 million.
Exposition park location is located in yanqing county in the southwest, the east is adjacent to yanqing town, adjacent to the guanting reservoir in the west and across the Gui river on both sides, about 10 km from sea lump badaling Great Wall and the mountain. West 750 meters to 1000 meters from kang zhang lu4, Gui river forest park on the north north border farmers road, east to yanqing new town planning focus on construction land border, south to the road. The park covers an area of 960 hectares. Divided into the fence and the fence area. During the course of the fence area with a total area of about 503 hectares, the park fence area closed management. The fence section with a total area of about 457 hectares.
Beijing world park bureau relevant controller introduces, the park planning has been completed, enter the approval process, in the first half of next year is expected to start construction. The exposition park planning on a few big characteristics, one is from the past case planning to experience. Designers before writing, widely visited milan expo garden and places such as Qingdao, xi 'an, jinzhou related exhibition park, from the perspective of tourists and operational planning.
The plan to carry out the principle of "green tour", security area, parking lot is located in the shade, in Gui river, also the use of natural tree-lined waterfront leisure belt was designed, in the process, to visit the whole park effectively avoids the problem of previous similar exhibition exposure.
Park construction to implement the concept of green environmental protection, in the pavilion, through building technology solve the problem of temperature and humidity control and ventilation, to reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the world garden bureau and zhongguancun industry alliance cooperation, also in park planning into a number of high-tech, and designed for tourists fun, interactive and experience to participate in the project.
The park planning for the purpose of "ecological ascension", through the park construction, quality of local water environment, trees, will improve and upgrade the rural landscape. The Great Wall culture context will be renewed. The park valley home village garden town will also be in the site construction. (source: Beijing daily reporter: Yu Li cool)