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By the end of beijing-tianjin-hebei or scenic spots one cartoon

Date: 2015-10-18

Brush card easily around beijing-tianjin-hebei three famous scenic spots, and enjoy preferential. Recently, reporters learned from LvYouWei pinggu district, by the end of the year, pinggu district LvYouWei or combined two to related tourism departments, launched the beijing-tianjin-hebei area one cartoon, then some famous places places can realize joint ticket, unified discount, visitors need to top-up within one cartoon, the discount can be the direct cooperation, swimming places.
And, according to the Beijing LvYouWei past National Day golden week, Beijing's most popular demand is to swim around. Unlike previous frothy crowded hot spots, tourists travel this year is more rational, swim around become one of the most popular way to travel. At the same time, people also more attention on tourism experience, tourism consumption level to further improve.
"With the need of beijing-tianjin-hebei area one cartoon each big scenic spot set up POS machines, so one cartoon launch also need a certain amount of time, I hope at the end of the year can be released to the general public." The relevant person in charge of pinggu district LvYouWei said. The personage inside course of study analysis, beijing-tianjin-hebei swim is huge market resources to be developed.
The most popular swim around Beijing demand
Sitting in the boat, watching the sunset light jinhai lake really like "white", and then to the shore picking garden pluck one delicate and charming peach... The "11" holiday, netizens snoopyzhao choose jinhai lake in pinggu to relax for two days. "Peacetime work is very tired, also don't want to go to the holiday anywhere there are a lot of people, so choose nearby Beijing suburbs tourism, landscape beauty, also can be a good get together with my family."
"11" golden week, tianjin baodi Zhao Guwan, Shi Xinzhuang, cow chuang tzu 20 tourism features such as village opened all the guest. "More and more travel from Beijing to tianjin, prefer to tianjin surrounding county to walk around, tasting, purchase characteristics of organic agricultural products, peasant's experience." Beijing tourism chamber of commerce by xu said.
With data show that the tourism by the golden week choose to swim around the size of the crowd is still higher than other modes of travel, including personalization, such as organic, holiday hotel ground maneuver of tourism products are very popular. On October 6, a large number of return around Beijing highway vehicles, road into the parking lot, also proves that the huge potential of a swim.
"Pinggu district is located in the three provinces at the junction of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, away from downtown Beijing, tianjin, hebei tangshan drive in about an hour and a half, the citizens to visit places of scenic spot of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region has a lot of demand. We launch a service card, also hope to be able to bring convenience to tourists, and speed up the pace of the tourism industry fusion." The relevant person in charge of pinggu district LvYouWei said.
According to introducing, beijing-tianjin-hebei are comprehensively promote tourism products, tourism management, public service integration. Places are currently set each other tour brand symbol system and products. At the same time, Beijing and tianjin, hebei tourism department is coordinating a unified network construction, vigorously promote the scenic area present and cartoon, in the future, a famous scenic spot is expected to achieve mutual ticketing, discount, etc.
Everyone is watching "of content"
During the "11", what is the most popular type of scenic spot? Full of all kinds of "of content" the zoo become adult children all love.
On October 3, YangNa and students go to the chengdu giant panda breeding research base, see is several times more than the panda. "Super, so even have scores queuing to buy tickets. Inside, see the panda's visitors pile of two or three layers, also can't see anything." Finally YangNa classmate to squeeze into carrying mobile phone took a picture of the panda. "Can't, you like pandas too."
According to the travel sites "donkey mother" report, from the point of the national regions, the zoo class scenic spot big popular. Giant panda breeding research base in chengdu, Shanghai wildlife park, chimep-long wildlife park, Beijing wildlife park, zoo, visitors can not only with elephants, tigers, giraffes and pandas terrestrial animals, close contact and amusement facilities can play in a wide range of designs. And zhuhai chime-long haichang ocean kingdom, wuhan polar ocean world, dalian tiger beach Ocean Park, qujiang polar Ocean Park, etc., can let a person see colorful sea world, become a parent-child travel scenic spot.
"And the tour and shopping" window
This week, working at a bank in wuhan Shen Zhi and family Tours to Japan, shopping cost 50000 multivariate.
With tourism according to cheng, "11" golden week this year, the online travel user's overall level of consumption rose by nearly 10%, including domestic long term group of tourists travel consumer spending has reached the level of per capita 2300 yuan, increased by 11.2%; Domestic short trips per capita spending has reached 340 yuan, increased by 9.1%; Outbound travel spending per head of population for the first time 4000 yuan, increased by 8.9%.
In terms of Beijing, Beijing reception of tourists during the period of "11" tourism consumption of 6.72 billion yuan, up 7.4% from a year earlier. Visitors per capita consumption of 2409 yuan, more than the national average, 3.9% more than last year. In the overall price level basically stable under the condition of tourism products, tourism products to buy spending rose, suggesting that people demand for high quality tourism products is growing rapidly. The cloud (source: Beijing daily intern reporter: yuan)