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Beijing international music festival open romantic trip

Date: 2015-10-18

What western instruments, there is no more than the bass sound gentle and romantic. Last night, under the baton of conductor long yu, China philharmonic orchestra in South Korea violinist chung kyung-wha, Belgium, famous misha mischa maisky, cello, hall at zhongshan park opens the 18th annual Beijing international music festival romantic trip.
This session of Beijing international music festival with "enjoy romance" as the theme, focused attention on the romanticism in the 19th century classical music works. The opening music conference last night, a German romantic composer bruch piece of "first violin concerto in G minor," let the audience feel this year's festival, romantic breath. Play the music, is the first boarded the stage of the Beijing international music festival in South Korea "the queen of the violin" chung kyung-wha. Composers works in her opinion, if compared to "baby", so for performers, deduce a work like "children", want to assume more responsibility. "Every time we play like a painting process, only good works can hang on the wall of the museum, so every time I try to deduce the perfect." In an interview before the show, she said.
Cellist mesha, mischa maisky, in contrast, is an old friend of Beijing international music festival, he for the first time to play a "variations on a theme by folk songs in China". Although he is the fifth time to participate in the festival, but this is his first time in the Chinese work. In the song written by the composer Zou Ye variations, he put the audience familiar "jasmine" melody appears in the form of the cello and the variations of the band, Chinese and western blends. In the cheers of the audience, mischa maisky back for 5 degrees, an extra two tracks. In addition, the composer Mr Chen also with his new book "the Peking Opera moment" at the opening concert. This first based on western composing techniques into the Peking Opera "the door" melody flavor is unique, drums and orchestral sounds interesting.
The festival will be held to the 24th of this month, 18 performances in 17 days, opera, symphony, piano and so on, and continue to launch the children's concert, China works concerts, master classes, guided Tours, music salon, etc. The activities of public education. Tonight, the maestro gustav Kuhn will lead a huge performance team of more than 200 people, for the first time the Wagner's opera singer of nuremberg on Beijing concert stage, to fill the blank of the historic Chinese opera stage. (source: Beijing daily intern reporter: Han Xuan)