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Beijing international photography weeks first set special promotion platform

Date: 2015-10-18

On October 24 solstice on November 1, 2015 will be held in Beijing international photography weeks. Announced yesterday, the activities of the organizing committee, this year photography weeks by the opening of market, series of exhibitions, photography, photography workshop, project activity of five major parts. Photography weeks at home due to the China millennium monument, there are more than 40 exhibitions, BBS and theme activities in five urban districts held 13 sites. It is reported that this year is a major bright spot for the first time "thematic exhibition promotion platform".
Photography weeks trying to plate in the photography market this year has the new breakthrough, main thematic exhibition promotion platform. Its particular way is: thematic exhibition promotion as the core content, through the global collection, photographic works of the outstanding in accordance with the subject matter, types, methods, concepts, such as multiple point of view, organization planning packaged into photography special exhibition of different themes. And then through the platform of the Beijing international photography weeks, the exhibition into a cultural content, consumer products to the world within the scope of the museum, art galleries, cultural centers, galleries, cultural exchange center, exhibition center, business center entities such as promotion.
Beijing international photography weeks little of course not record the moment of the stories of all kinds of images. Series of exhibition this year the domestic exhibition units, unit, the international exhibition of "big parade" exhibition will be used more than 100 photos represent the grand ceremony, the parade and lens, tells the story of the hidden behind the parade. (source: Beijing daily reporter: Chen tao)