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More than 1.43 million people swim yanqing to achieve "zero" complaints

Date: 2015-10-18

Past National Day holiday, yanqing, a total of more than 1.43 million person-times of tourists and tourism revenue of 92.1924 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 9.8% and 9.8% respectively. It is worth mentioning that, yanqing tourist satisfaction rate significantly increased tourism industry, "11" the implementation of the holidays "zero" complaints effectively.
National Day holiday, badaling scenic tourists 385500 person-time, year-on-year growth of 5.1%; Realize the tourism income of 14.0399 million yuan, an increase of 12.3%. National Day, the scenic spot, every 25000 people 7000 more than last year on the same day. On October 4, badaling scenic tourist peak, 89000 people an full-time.
In response to the "golden week" peak, badaling scenic spot to take measures for a number of shunt. During the holiday, the scenic area on the basis of the original 20 ticket window, outside the GuanCheng square and Simon square open 6 temporary ticket window, and at the same time open 7 where, tourists shunt. Scenic spot in time to extend the time of visit, will be open in the morning from 6 PM to 6 points ahead of time, to stop the ticket time also is appropriate delay according to the tourists.
In addition, this year's "11", badaling has added a new attractions - peace garden, Simon outside culture wall to the south, is located in the badaling Great Wall area of 5500 square meters, it has the observation deck, forest road, rest seats, and offers visitors a place of the city of the good place of rest and relaxation.
"11" holiday, badaling Great Wall scenic spot also invested more than 30 volunteers, the Great Wall in the shopping center of heaven and earth, bifurcation west parking lot where volunteer advisory service to provide tourist scenic spot tour, the compulsory directions, tourism information and so on many volunteer service projects.
Is also a key scenic spot, the longqingxia scenic spot seven days received 41600 tourists, year-on-year growth of 5.9%; Realize the tourism income of 7.44 million yuan, an increase of 24.3%.
During the National Day, the weather is sunny, flowers, mountain climbing, cycling, carefree leisure attracts many tourists. During the holiday, yanqing rural tourism tourists 656700 person-time, realize the tourism income of 44.6595 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 12% and 12% respectively.
On October 2nd, the four seasons flowers, thyme landscape gallery ditch domain parking lot are full, the drive end to end. The sight until October 6. As four seasons flowers first station, liu BaoXiang lavender flowers attract many visitors stop to take photos as a souvenir, "on October 3, 4, most people, there are nearly 10000 tourists come here every day to admire the flowers." Liu fort garden staff said.
Ultra-high popularity brings good tourism revenues. Four seasons flower trench domain for seven days, every 150000 people in tourism income of 9.81 million yuan. Thyme landscape gallery ditch domain for seven days, every 67000 people in tourism income of 5.8 million yuan.
Farmyard is still characterized cuisine and famous visitors in yanqing's first choice. In yanqing before the first country cuisine competition of the good momentum, BaDaLing Town Shi Xia village "the somebody else Gui water Shi Xia the castle inn for seven days, every 1350 people tourism income of 87000 yuan. Well zhuang town willow ditch village "brazier pot, bean curd feast" is still strong, a total of seven days, every 77400 people tourism income of 4.64 million yuan.
During the holiday, yanqing star and main hotel reception guests 22500 person-time, realize the tourism income of 9.9579 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 4.9% and 4.9% respectively. Star hotel is more popular with tourists. Seven days holiday, is located in ZhangShanYing Town glory international conference resort received over 2000 guests. "In the first five days, our 308 rooms all full." The staff said. (source: Beijing daily correspondent: magnetic island Chinese fir)