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Russian full-on oil painting in Beijing lyric poetry "Yin"

Date: 2015-10-18

"You're standing on the bridge scenery, look at the scenery people see you upstairs. The bright moon decorate window of you, you decorated the dream of others." This is a "new moon" poet bian zhilin poetry. If it is used to describe a Russian art master Germany Mr Rove's oil paintings, also seems to be very appropriate, but the man of years nearly JiuXun is painting in poetry. Today, the art of the Russian academy of sciences in Beijing national art museum of art academies of his poem "in the warmth of the earth".
Former Russian artists association, chairman of the more than 20 years of west Germany, created the contemporary Russian landscape painting. His works rarely as Japan in the steep mountains and great rivers, but always focus on the Russian countryside rural life. In the words of art academies in Beijing art museum curator hong-liang wu, "absolute Russian rocks". Picture inside, in his opinion, bearing the artist for the special memories of The Times, "especially those voice of interrogative painting outside, may be able to evoke memories of you."
Like poetry more highlighted strings by implication, west Germany Mr Rove's painting is also the creation of the germinal for those who are not visible. Works in this exhibition, the most famous is the "rumours that have been long in the warm earth, whether it's the little girl in picture or grandmother is work, they are all in their silent" watches "as the expression, the" visible "and warmth of the earth's" epic "constitute the voice of the picture out of the picture. Throughout the creation of the west German rove lyrical absolute melody occupied their works.
Was born in west Germany in 1928, Mr Rove has experienced many wars of the 20th century, death, separation, however, his picture is full of personal, childhood, the paint of the field. Showroom to have such a photo documentary: someday, west German rove trust in the window and looked out of the window, the sky, the horizon, on the volga river, mound, trees, grass until nearly hit a windowsill, panoramic view. Do you think of the scenery or painting? West German rove, or said, is looking at the landscape or in the picture? "His creation, is not limited to simple sketch of landscape, but with persistent 'gaze' and 'memories, reaches the final state of" writing ". In his works, they are existing in the memory of poetry." Hong-liang wu said that the exhibition art, there are many picture childhood lived west German rove village called "stumps" forty. From the winter and the sun on the volga river, to the last month of autumn "rainbow skirt", creation time from 1967 to 1967, spanning more than 40 years.
The exhibition by the Beijing municipal culture bureau, the Beijing municipal people's government foreign affairs office, China embassy in Russia, the culture department of communication.based on the host, such as the Russian embassy in China will continue to show to the October 21. (source: Beijing daily reporter: Chen tao)