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The electric car realization of beijing-tianjin-hebei drive line

Date: 2015-10-18

Said the electric car "short legs" because range problem and destined to out and out of town. Can charge the battery with highway in Beijing more and more pile up, quick charge network for electric cars "leg" get longer and the electric vehicle has been beyond the traditional "car instead of walking in the city" identity, charging pile construction in beijing-tianjin-hebei three linkage is to let owners can rest assured. According to statistics, in the past "11" golden week, many owners to play up the beijing-tianjin-hebei road of green travel.
From "uncertain" to "to force"
Past "11" holiday, Beijing new energy vehicle owners Guo Yang open yourself just buy 2 months after silver EV200 qing road trips to the a trip to tianjin.
"This car electric car has always been to work instead of walking, don't walk into the distance. This is to look at the electric car can run long!" Guo Yang beforehand also ran to the hebei electric car owners take the classics, in its xizhimen south street business hall to handle a highway dedicated rechargeable card, and set off.
Run on the beijing-shanghai high-speed, about 30 kilometers, Guo Yang charging stations to pony bridge added some electricity. Four white canopy fast charging pile neatly in a row, electric pile is a new, charging power up to 180 kw, and half an hour can finish 80% charge. Due to the consumption of vehicle battery is not much, Guo Yang charged only for 15 minutes.
To ride on a horse bridge and see the village shop stand two filling electricity, return only charge the electricity at a time. "Walk back and forth about 250 kilometers, I car range is 200 km, in fact, once is enough. But in order to prevent one thousand, see charging stations or charge for a while." Guo Yang said.
Reporters calculated brushstroke zhang, Guo Yang this electric cars, tianjin road, cars than fuel saved a lot of money. EV200 hundred kilometers power consumption 14.5 degrees, 1.2 yuan per kilowatt-hour charging station at high speed (including service charge), cost 43.5 yuan. And performance with EV200 fuel cars, hundreds of kilometers of fuel is calculated at 8 liters, $5.92 per 92 liters of gasoline, cost is 118.4 yuan, the economic advantages of the electric car is obvious.
"To be honest, the in the mind have no bottom, before departure is, after all, electric cars, but actually not so terrible, is quite powerful. I think later directly to Shanghai is not bad!" Guo Yang said.
Beijing-tianjin-hebei 9 not exceed 50 km away in the station
Charging pile is regarded as last obstacle that baffles the development of electric vehicles, and the highway network of charging electric cars will implement the inter-city communication, also can like fuel cars in national highway run free. Electric car owners in Beijing road, running at present most is the beijing-shanghai expressway.
Earlier this year, the beijing-shanghai expressway quick charge network all formal, become China's first domestic have electric cars quick charge the service function of the highway, also formed the beijing-tianjin-hebei region first intercity corridor of charging infrastructure services.
According to its quick charge network service guide "highway", a total of 27 on the beijing-shanghai high-speed at present quick charge station, station configuration 4 each charging pile, at the same time is 4 to dc charging electric cars. Among them, in the Beijing area has pony bridge station, tianjin region has see the village shop, Wang Qingtuo, the sea of tranquility, tang officer tuen 4 station, hebei region of cangzhou qing county, cangzhou, cangzhou dongguang, cangzhou wuqiao four stations, the nine standing every station and a station distance less than 50 km.
Pure electric vehicles currently on the market range more concentrated between 100 and 300 kilometers, coupled with limited charging station layout, worried that no electricity, no place to charge, many owners will stop at the city of new energy footprint. But for the construction of the beijing-shanghai high-speed all quick charging system, makes a significant expansion radius of the activities of the new energy vehicle owners.
Citizens Mr Koch had bought all-electric cars more than a year, every home hebei cangzhou have to please fuel cars "mountain" in the home, let the electric car off, worried about its halfway "PaWo" is one of the biggest concerns. Now, quick charge network built up the beijing-shanghai high-speed, ge from cangzhou can safely drive electric cars. "Unlimited number at any time, zero emission, the most important thing is to save money, a trip down electricity but few yuan." Mr Ge said.
Need to remind the owner, the state grid highway dedicated rf card and the local charge card general each other in Beijing, not need to specify its xizhimen south street business hall to deal with.
Beijing-tianjin-hebei completed within five years "a net"
In the future, such as the beijing-shanghai expressway charging pile will increasingly appear in beijing-tianjin-hebei region on the highway. Beijing, tianjin and hebei three development and reform commission (NDRC) has signed the beijing-tianjin-hebei new energy car charging infrastructure construction joint action plan "together, will be setting up a new energy car three public charging infrastructure network.
Mr. Li from Beijing back to langfang to visit their new all-electric cars came into the borders with jingha highway hebei langfang xianghe service area, parking lot, it only took 20 minutes within the site of the electric car fast charging station "card prepaid phone" as the car filled with electricity. Xianghe new energy automobile charging station has just put into operation, this is the first of its kind in the jingha highway running fast charging station, and integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region is an important part of the new energy car charging network.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing municipal development and reform commission, was placed on the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region public charging infrastructure network of highway has 11, including eight national highway and three regional highway, three joint action plan mainly divided into three steps.
First of all, by the end of the year, will be the first to complete the beijing-tianjin-hebei region of G1 jingha high-speed, high-speed G4 Beijing Hong Kong and Macao, G6 beijing-tibet expressway and G45 big wide highway charging infrastructure construction, preliminary formed unicom Beijing, tianjin and hebei province shijiazhuang, zhangjiakou and other major cities in the charging facilities service corridor, the average distance between service no more than 50 km.
The second step is in the next two years, will comprehensively promote beijing-tianjin-hebei region of G3 Beijing high-speed, high-speed of the G5 and G7 Beijing new expressway service area, such as charging facilities construction, and on the highway charging infrastructure backbone network of radiation driven, accelerate the construction of public parking areas charging facilities.
Finally, in 2020, will strive to construction form of integration in jing-jin-ji regional public charging service network